Lemme just point out that I HATE spiders. If I could take them out of the food chain, I would. But because I understand how detrimental that’d be to our ecosystem, I deal with it.
The first pic is of a small spider that has been living in my bathroom for, I’m gonna say, 3 weeks now. It stayed in it’s bucket so I never thought it needed to die; it kept other pests away. After a week I decided it needed a name. Dad suggested Hole (If you know where this is going, I’m sorry) because there’s a Hole in the bucket (dear Liza, dear Liza)! So Hole’s been my bathroommate and I check every morning to see if it’s died yet. I almost want to give it some food if I ever come across a bug unlucky enough to fall into my clutches. I do wish it’d clean up after itself. I swept up probably 5 cricket husks today.
The second pic is of a freaking asshole who decided to move into the bathroom after we cleaned out the closet yesterday during the whole tornado thing. He. Is. Huge. Not exaggerating. 2 and a half inch diameter I bet. Emily said she saw a giant spider in the closet and I think this is the same one. He does not get a name. He does not deserve it. I want him dead but don’t know if I could do it. If I fail, I fear that it’d be that last thing I do. I was cleaning the bathroom today and it was lying in wait behind the toilet. I of course ran out yelling that Emily can finish the job after school. But me being me, I had to complete the task myself and I returned just in time to see it scurry across the floor. NOPE. So I just stayed clear of that area. But then I couldn’t find it. It’s freaking huge and I couldn’t find it. Until just a while ago. I’m very glad we have 2 bathrooms! I’m pretty sure (if it were actually possible) that this jerk is Claude reincarnated. He better not eat Hole.